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Videos are coming…

Hey HEAD friends.
Our dear buddy Jim Robinson is busy working away on our new live videos. We should have them out pretty soon.
Big news is coming in September for HEAD.
Can’t wait to tell you!
Until then, keep in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Video shoot

Hey HEAD friends.

We’ll be filming some live video July 14th.  We’ll be releasing videos soon…keep watching the website or find us on twitter, instagram and facebook.

Just got booked for the Railway Club in Vancouver … it’s in November, that’s how far out they are booked.  We will have other shows before that, we’ll keep you posted!

HEAD stuff

Hey HEAD army.

Thanks for stopping by.  

We don’t have a show for the next months, we’re working on some videos and will keep you posted as soon as we can …about all things HEAD. Thanks for the support.  If you haven’t  read the Dear Father story yet…HEAD to our story page now…grab a bottle of Jamesons and expect to spend an hour, sipping and digesting Alberta.  The end is near…she’ll tell you all about it.

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You can now order our cd from our buy page.
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On sale now

Tickets for our show 06/01/18
Are on sale now.
Purchase them online here
Ticket link: https://www.showpass.com/abandon-paris-w-head-garrett-and-the-great-atlas/
Or contact us on our contact page and we’ll let you know how we can get them to you!
See you there.

Tom Harrison

Vancouver’s Tom Harrison had this to say about our new album Dear Father.

An alter ego is a chance to set yourself free.
A chance to create a character, a persona, that isn’t you.

Or almost isn’t you. Nonetheless, your alter ego can say or do things you normally wouldn’t. Behind the mask you are only playing a role and are ageless – just ask KISS in costume, septuagenarians they now are otherwise.

In the case of Head, the quintet is five alter egos, led by Lyric. She has the toughest job in that the group’s second  album, Dear Father,  winds up a grim story about sexual and physical abuse. She has put herself  on the line, which means that as allegorical as it might be, Lyric’s story still reads like therapy. There is some terrifying reality, sexual confusion, violence, drug and alcohol binges, revenge that is not satisfactory and no resolution that concludes facilely with a happy ending. Most of this is told in a longer, more detailed form you can access, but to which the songs only can allude. On their own, the songs, 10 with lyrics and a concluding instrumental that might serve as an overture if it was at the front,  deal mainly in subjects – sexual confusion, for example – rather than specific points in the story.

That’s OK. You don’t really need the story. It serves as an inspiration and is an outline that gives Dear Father its shape, but the songs can stand on their own. Although Lyric points out the influence of Nine Inch Nails, Dear Father is not so much industrial or electronic as it is progressive rock of the kind Genesis became later in its career. Dense with a mingling of keyboards and guitar. Accessible but still not obvious.

There is a lot going on, which means it’s busy, which, in turn, makes it hard to highlight specific songs. Road To Ruin, which starts, has the brightness and energy you’d expect while allowing Lyric to set up her tale, the title track is tuneful but not baldly catchy and basically is a pivot to the whole story as it is the most emotional track, She might be the most straightforward song of a challenging batch.


Dear Father

“Dear Father”, HEAD’s 2nd concept album, continues the story of Alberta from their 1st album, “Afraid to Sleep”. 
Buy now https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/dear-father/1362141158
or hard copy, e-transfer 25.00 (includes shipping) to headmusic.ca@gmail.com.
Purchase the booklet, Dear Father written by Lyric. Lyrics are included. 25.00 (includes shipping)
“Dear Father” is the final chapter which unravels the sickness, and reveals the hold her abusive father had on her. Alberta, deeply infected by this damage, continues the cycle by bringing it into her own relationships, elevating her madness to a fever pitch…
Release date April 28 2018.
Recorded at the Warehouse, Zed Productions and Wave Productions in Vancouver.
Produced by Stone and Sheldon Zaharko.
Mastered by Andy VanDette The Engine Room NY

Review of Dear Father from Sleeping Bag Studios

Dear Father just received this review from Jer at Sleeping Bag Studios.

Check it out….

Huge thanks!

Big shout out to everyone that came to our release party at The Rickshaw – your support is incredible. Mo from the venue…for having such a great venue and pro staff like Rob and JJ. Mo made it easy to have the show there. Thank you Rob Bailey for making us sound so good.  Ted Okos from Doug and the Slugs, not only are you a kick ass front man but a cool MC.  Jim Robinson and crew, thank you for shooting video, Keith Clark for taking pics…Marlyne Marrese for handling our merch. Cliff Jardine for your stage antics and massive help before during and after and Murray Bureyko for being on the crew. And big thanks to Garrett and Borg Queen, both for awesome performances kicking off the show.
If you don’t have the album yet, find us on ITunes. We charted first day at #89 in the rock charts. 
Okay… back to work we go!!!

Your support was incredible. Thank you to Creative BC and the Province of B.C. for your support. Sheldon Zaharko and Stone for mixing and producing the album. Andy VanDette from the Engine Room for mastering the album.

Pre order available now

Thanks for being here and it’s an exciting day for the band, our pre-sale for Dear Father is now available to download.  You get the single ahead of the album – Road to Ruin.

Thanks and we’d love to get your feedback.

Write us at headmusic.ca@gmail.com

See you Sat April 28th at the Rickshaw when we release Dear Father live.