HEAD – Original Band from Vancouver, Canada

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Here’s my review from the four band show at the Railway Stage and Beer CafĂ© from Friday night:

Don’t get me wrong here, double entendres aside, but Lyric gives great HEAD. Last night at the Railway Stage and Beer Cafe we witnessed a stellar performance of Modern Industrial / Art Rock by Lyric accompanied with her counterpart Stone on keys and vocals with Bryan Jasper (Abandon Paris) filling the guitar slot, Joe Alvaro on bass and Craig Zarazun playing drums as the unit collectively known as HEAD.

First of all, let me start by saying that I have known Cherelle (and Marc) for a few years now and this a side of her that amazes me. Her character tells a (semi autobiographical) story about a girl named Alberta who suffered abuse from her own Father, hence the title of their newest album, DEAR FATHER.

The music is solid and powerful as Lyric (almost like a modern day female version of Alice Cooper) takes command of the stage from first the moment the lights come up. She beckons the crowd to come closer and then proceeds to draw them into her dark and twisted journey. Her stage presence is undeniable and you can tell she has been doing this for a very long time. Every nuance is natural and almost dance-like.

This was a night of original music and HEAD decided to throw in a rebel rousing version of David Bowie’s, “I’m Afraid of Americans!” (Although Billy Sayer used lines from Paul McCartney and Wings “Rock Show” in their set)

There were many highlights of the night for me. Getting to meet Gary Grace and hear him play (the guy’s a monster on the drums) and also to watch and hear Mike Mallais (filling in for Frank Baker) in GARRETT’S set were mine. Being a drummer myself I am always amazed at how other drummers work their kits and these guys are among some of our best!

Beautiful Frenzy was a strong opening set. These boys are going to go places.

Abandon Paris, with the double front man unit of Dagriff and Scott Jackson, captivated with their energy and cross pollination of Rap, Metal and, Rock.

What a great night for live, local and original music. Huge props to the venue for allowing musicians to do their own thing and not just go the safe bet with cover bands. They have their own time and place.

Cherelle and Marc are strong proponents of the local music scene and have Pacific Northwest Radio and a local music page on Facebook, Make a Scene (lso the name of Cherelle’s program on PNWR) along with Marc’s show, Green Beans, Mushroom Soup and Strawberry Ice Cream. Not only do they put themselves out there as performers, but also, as advocates for all of us musicians, so …

Get out there and #makeascene Vancouver


Beautiful Frenzy:


Abandon Paris:

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