HEAD – Original Band from Vancouver, Canada

The show will go on …

Hey friends.

After receiving a threatening email about someone wanting to throw acid in our face, Lyric reported it to the police and the show will go on.

The email stated a connection to the dark web and was trying to extort money from the band. Failure to pay would end up “with acid in your face”.

It’s a little confusing, but it seems to state that his “customer” paid $5,000.00 for him to splash acid in the singer’s face.  The email goes on to further say that if we, the performer, pay $1400.00, they will reveal who commissioned the hit and stop it from happening. 


HEAD starts at 9:20, so come down and give us some support…we may need a few body guards in the house.

Peace everyone … See you at the Bourban this Saturday night.

Happy holidays

Happy holidays to all our friends. 

We wish you a very merry Christmas and a rockin’ 2019.

New gig just announced

Get HEAD Sat Feb 2nd at the Bourbon in Gastown – Vancouver.  Live Acts Canada is putting together an epic night of rock with us, Abandon Paris and special guests Beautiful Frenzy.

See you there.

Shows in the new year.

Hello friends.

We’re looking at shows in Feb and March and will keep you up to date on what’s happening with us. In the meantime, take a look around on the site. If you haven’t read the story of Dear Father yet, head to the story section!

Be warned.  18+

Black Friday Sale

Black Friday sale.  Order both Dear Father and Afraid to Sleep for 30.00. Shipping included.

Good until Sunday November 25 2018.

Our latest review from Terry Banks.  https://www.facebook.com/terry.banks.39/posts/10156790807623805

Here’s my review from the four band show at the Railway Stage and Beer Café from Friday night:

Don’t get me wrong here, double entendres aside, but Lyric gives great HEAD. Last night at the Railway Stage and Beer Cafe we witnessed a stellar performance of Modern Industrial / Art Rock by Lyric accompanied with her counterpart Stone on keys and vocals with Bryan Jasper (Abandon Paris) filling the guitar slot, Joe Alvaro on bass and Craig Zarazun playing drums as the unit collectively known as HEAD.

First of all, let me start by saying that I have known Cherelle (and Marc) for a few years now and this a side of her that amazes me. Her character tells a (semi autobiographical) story about a girl named Alberta who suffered abuse from her own Father, hence the title of their newest album, DEAR FATHER.

The music is solid and powerful as Lyric (almost like a modern day female version of Alice Cooper) takes command of the stage from first the moment the lights come up. She beckons the crowd to come closer and then proceeds to draw them into her dark and twisted journey. Her stage presence is undeniable and you can tell she has been doing this for a very long time. Every nuance is natural and almost dance-like.

This was a night of original music and HEAD decided to throw in a rebel rousing version of David Bowie’s, “I’m Afraid of Americans!” (Although Billy Sayer used lines from Paul McCartney and Wings “Rock Show” in their set)

There were many highlights of the night for me. Getting to meet Gary Grace and hear him play (the guy’s a monster on the drums) and also to watch and hear Mike Mallais (filling in for Frank Baker) in GARRETT’S set were mine. Being a drummer myself I am always amazed at how other drummers work their kits and these guys are among some of our best!

Beautiful Frenzy was a strong opening set. These boys are going to go places.

Abandon Paris, with the double front man unit of Dagriff and Scott Jackson, captivated with their energy and cross pollination of Rap, Metal and, Rock.

What a great night for live, local and original music. Huge props to the venue for allowing musicians to do their own thing and not just go the safe bet with cover bands. They have their own time and place.

Cherelle and Marc are strong proponents of the local music scene and have Pacific Northwest Radio and a local music page on Facebook, Make a Scene (lso the name of Cherelle’s program on PNWR) along with Marc’s show, Green Beans, Mushroom Soup and Strawberry Ice Cream. Not only do they put themselves out there as performers, but also, as advocates for all of us musicians, so …

Get out there and #makeascene Vancouver


Beautiful Frenzy:


Abandon Paris:

Also, check out RED LENSES Photography to see Scott Place‘s photos from the show.

Dear Father

Have you listened to our title track yet?  

If you suffered abuse as a child from someone that was supposed to be your rock, someone for you to look up to, someone that would protect you, would die for you and love you unconditionally.. you may relate to Dear Father.  

Lyric’s childhood was a chaotic roller coaster ride.  Her abusive alcoholic father kept Lyric in a state of constant terror . 

Lyric spent most nights lying awake, terrified that her father would murder her in her sleep. 

From brutally murdering the family dog in front of her when she was 6 to lining the family up on New Years Eve when she was 9, rifle pointed at her head, while she begged daddy please don’t kill us.  The in betweens are not for the faint of heart.  

“Dear Father took 17 rewrites … there’s no way to say it all in 4 minutes”.  Lyric



Railway gig

2 weeks from now and we’ll be rocking the Railway with our friends Beautiful Frenzy, Abandon Paris and Garrett.

Bryan Jasper will join us on stage with guitar in hand … we can’t wait.

Get tickets now by texting 604-306-0632  We deliver in the lower mainland.



Storyhive Telus Grant

Hey Friends.

We’re applying for a Storyhive Telus grant and need your help.

Can you give us a like, today and tomorrow.  Link is below.

Thanks so much



Dear friends.
HEAD needs your vote for a Telus Storyhive video grant. Directed by Murray Wasylnuk and Murmur Pictures. Dear 
Father is the title track from our concept album Dear Father. Alberta our character, reveals the hold her abusive father has on her – which parallels my real life story. Death threats, physiological abuse, constant terror … your support by clicking the link and voting will give us the opportunity to share this story. 
We want to dedicate the video to all those affected by childhood abuse.
Please vote each day from today to the 18th. We thank you for your support. ❤️

Review from Mike Usinger

Did you get a chance to read this kick ass review from Mike Usinger from the Georgia Straight?



Head gives good rock opera on Dear Father

Dear Father (Wave/Zed Productions)

It’s a band name so simple and yet so brilliant, one has to seriously wonder why no one locked onto it before.

Well aware that everyone loves a good double-entendre, Head thoughtfully included a marketing stroke of genius in its mail-out promo package for Dear Father. In addition to an old-fashioned CD, basic-black T-shirt, thoughtfully composed cover letter, and comprehensive 8-by-11 stapled booklet marked “The story behind the songs”, the group enclosed a tiny sticker reading “I Love Head.”

Who other than the ghost of Andrea Dworkin or someone dating one of the Demodogs from Stranger Things is going to line up on the other side of that fence?

Considering the lengths Head went to for its Dear Father press kit, it’s no great surprise the album shows an admirable attention to detail. The group cites Evanescence, Halestorm, Peter Gabriel, and Nine Inch Nails as major influences, the former two most evident thanks to singer Lyric’s vocal delivery. She wrenches every bit of drama out of “Love Lies” lines like “I am sick, sick as a dog, out of my mind, stomach in knots, I die.”

Her bandmates, meanwhile, create a rich, goth-lite tapestry with tasteful baroque-metal guitar, cascading funeral-swirl keys, and rock-steady drums.

There’s a lot to process on Dear Father, a concept-album sequel to 2016’s Afraid to Sleep. The record continues to trace the story of a character called Alberta, whose alcohol- and drug-fuelled upbringing seemingly crosses lines with that of Lyric—even though real names have been changed.

Head explains the record like this: “Dear Father is the final chapter which unravels the sickness and reveals the hold her abusive father had on her.” In case that mission statement isn’t potent enough, head to Track 4, “The Prayer”, a spoken-word piece that starts with midnight-in-the-forest keys and “Now I lay me down to sleep,” and ends with “And dear God, please don’t let father kill us tonight…amen.”

Get through the considerable trauma (“I crawl through these toxic streets, among survivors/Looking for the quickest fix,” from “Breathe”) and you eventually end up in a place of hope with the final pre-hidden-track instrumental, “The Tail”. The song’s punctuated with comfortably numb guitar solos and black-tower keys.

Given all that Alberta has been through—think a microcosm of the misery in the Downtown Eastside—a happy ending is too much to hope for. But “The Tail” is the kind of meditative number that lets you make movies in your mind.

The beauty of that? You get to write—hopefully like Lyric and Alberta—your own ending.