HEAD – Original Band from Vancouver, Canada

Dear Father

Have you listened to our title track yet?  

If you suffered abuse as a child from someone that was supposed to be your rock, someone for you to look up to, someone that would protect you, would die for you and love you unconditionally.. you may relate to Dear Father.  

Lyric’s childhood was a chaotic roller coaster ride.  Her abusive alcoholic father kept Lyric in a state of constant terror . 

Lyric spent most nights lying awake, terrified that her father would murder her in her sleep. 

From brutally murdering the family dog in front of her when she was 6 to lining the family up on New Years Eve when she was 9, rifle pointed at her head, while she begged daddy please don’t kill us.  The in betweens are not for the faint of heart.  

“Dear Father took 17 rewrites … there’s no way to say it all in 4 minutes”.  Lyric