HEAD – Original Band from Vancouver, Canada

The story of Alberta

“Dear Father” is the latest and final chapter in her story.

Listen to the music, read the story.  

“Dear Father”

Born in the middle of a human hurricane, raised in a whirlwind of insanity with nowhere to turn to, nowhere to hide.  Alberta took on that insanity and nurtured it with a mixture of drugs, alcohol and older men 

“Dear Father” is the final chapter which unravels the sickness and reveals the hold her abusive father had on her. 

Alberta, deeply infected by the damage, continues the cycle by bringing it into her own relationships, elevating her madness to a fever pitch…

The Dear Father story is written by Lyric.  Lyrics are included.  If you’d like to purchase an autographed hard copy, please visit our buy page. 

Warning..when reading the Dear Father story, you may need a few hours and a bottle of Jamesons. Read the full story here.

Dear Father Story and Lyric booklet



Afraid to Sleep

You could’ve been her.

The nightmares that are some people’s lives are only a small twist of fate away from our own.

You could’ve been her; maybe if you’d turned left instead of right. If you’d accepted that ride from someone a few years back. If you’d taken that offer…slept overnight… walked home… instead of the path you did choose…

You could’ve been her… she could’ve been you…

and from here on in, she is:

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